Superior canine training solutions

Best dog training 

Superior canine training solutions

Best dog training 


Superior K9 training solutions located in Cincinnati Ohio. Dog training all phases, all ages, all dogs. Quite simply the best you can do for your dog. Call today to schedule an appointment to have your dog evaluated, 513-320-1836 call or text to talk to me about my training solutions.

 Obedience on and off leash, protection all phases, tricks, service dog specialty work, and in home services. Don't just have a dog when you can have a super dog...

Thank you for choosing Superior K9 training Solutions We have been training family pets successfully since 1991.5 Firststep give me a call or text at (513)-320-1836 or email me at we can schedule a time to evaluate your dog.Don't put up with your dogs bad anymore! Give me a call.We use what is called Soft Touch artful Direction the transformation happens right before your eyes. We exceed where PetSmart and Petco fail. Because we believe every dog deserves a good education, not just a sweet puppy and easy dogs.I'm highly trained and the area of behavior modification is my specialty. Sometimes I'm on the end of road for some dogs. We work with problem and aggressive dogs.So I make it my duty to make sure that these dogs graduate and start to make better choices. We want him to be obedient and paying attention to us no matter what's going on in the world around him.Once we have the basic obedience in place sky's the limit to what we can teach your dog.

Problem behavior 

Confidence-building I can come to your house where the dog lives and where the problems occur we correct them for bad behavior as they occur.

You can come to me 6720 Kepler Road Cleves Ohio 45002

one at a time I address the issues

  • no digging
  • Aggressive behavior
  • Pulling
  • Running out the door
  • nipping
  • no grabbing  of shoes
  • no getting in the garbage
  • we can fix any unwanted behavior.

I teach your dog to calm down and enjoy his surroundings. While having world class obedience.

     You will be amazed at how quickly the  transformation takes place. In as little as  two weeks you have a different dog.

I show  you how to read the dog so you can anticipate his move and it's very easy and we correct him before the behavior actually happens We can confirm body language

the raising of the hackels




I teach you what the signs are so you can correct your dog before he/she gets to the trouble

1. Success story reviews

  • This is where all my available reviews are Please read to check out my Success stories My 4 year old American Bully, Bella is a sweetheart except for her constant pulling on her lead (she has a lot of power and it was a struggle to enjoy a walk with her), her obsessive behavior with myself, and just basic obedience (getting her to listen was a hassle). She also did not respect my 7 year old son and other animals in the house. Jamie Owens (Superior K9 Training Solution) was able to fix all of these terrible issues Bella had. He also patiently trained myself and my son to maintain Bella’s success at home and on walks as well in crowded areas. I wish I had Jamie train her three years ago! I can’t believe how perfect the whole thing turned out! I feel at ease and I can tell Bella is a happier Bully. The money was definitely well worth it! I will be using Superior K9 Training Solution in the future for my other companion and show dogs. Thanks so much Jamie!!!! You are the best!!!! And Bella thanks you and for all the belly rubs! 😄 Barbie, Seth and winnie
  • Jamie is amazing! In 1 hour he was able to get my two dogs to be in the same room without barking growling. Wow! I wish I had found him sooner! Theres quiet in my living room

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